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ITS - Intelligently Transport System for roads of Almaty region

About the project

Information Internet resource of the State Institution “Management of Passenger Transport and Highways of Almaty Region”.

The purpose of the system:
• Creation of a tool for the operation of the Situational control and response center road conditions in the Almaty region.
• Creation of a unified publicly accessible and updated database on the situation on the roads of the Almaty region in real time.

Purpose of the system:
• Monitoring, diagnostics of the road network.
• Traffic management, control and response in case of emergency and emergency.
• Visualization of information on a GIS map.
• Informing the population about the situation on the roads, repair work, weather conditions.
• Implementing feedback with road users (Call center, Messaging, online communication through the website, communication through the mobile application, via the short number of cellular communications).
• Online monitoring of the operation of road maintenance equipment.
• Visualization of the tracks of popular tourist routes for the sights, historical and sacred places of the Almaty region.
• Certification of roads in Almaty region (condition of the roadbed, permissible axle loads, location of roadside services, online service for building traffic routes taking into account the condition and congestionofroads, etc.).