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Laboratory research


Laboratory tests and quality control of construction and building materials:
• Determination of physical and mechanical properties of: crushed stone, gravel, sand, gravel and sand and gravel and gravel and sand mixtures.
• Quality control of viscous and liquid bitumen, bitumen emulsions and mineral powder.
• Selection of composition and quality control of hot and cold asphalt concrete and various types of surface-active, chemical and mineral additives.
• Selection of the composition of concrete and mortar mixtures with additives of various types.
• Determination of physico-mechanical properties, strength, frost resistance of various types of concrete.
• Control of strength, uniformity of concrete in concrete and reinforced concrete structures by non-destructive and destructive testing methods in field and laboratory conditions.
• Incoming quality control of construction and building materials.
• Determination of physical and mechanical properties of the soil (moisture, density, strength, deformability, subsidence, filtration coefficient, ductility, particle size distribution, etc.).
• Geotechnical soil tests for roads, structures and quarries.
• The research laboratory of SR&PC “Kazroadinnovation” LLP carry out tests of the construction and building materials with the determination of physical and mechanical characteristics in accordance with the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, GOST and Standards EN, BS, ASTM, AASHTO.
• The research laboratory of SR&PC “Kazroadinnovation” LLP meets the re-quirements of ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” and have the State Standard Accreditation Certificate No. KZ 7100000.06.09.00817.
• Laboratory specialists carry out quality control construction and building materials according to the procedures of the quality manual and operational control schemes approved by the ISO 9000-2001 quality management system.
• Inspectors of field laboratories are present at the site during sampling, at carrying out tests and prepare reports.
• The laboratory personnel in their work strictly adheres to the established procedures for laboratory quality management and the quality manage-ment system, labor protection rules, safety measures and environmental protection.
• The laboratory base of measuring, testing and quality control of construction and building materials and soils allows you to perform work with high quality and reliability of the measurements.